Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you a charter school?

Because of our extensive arts and physical education programs, many people think that we are actually a charter school. While we are a public, non-charter school of choice, we have developed long-standing partnerships with organizations such as Asphalt Green, Opus 118, and the 92nd Street Y which enable us to offer pottery, swimming, violin, chorus, dance, and gym. We are also able to exercise independence in choosing and designing academic curricula that engages and challenges our students.

  • What is your registration process?

If you are interested in becoming part of the River East community, we invite you to visit us for an informational tour (offered weekly throughout the school year). We hold a lottery each spring for admission for the upcoming school year. Once your child has been accepted, we will contact you regarding any additional documentation needed for registration. Please contact Vylmary Bennett, our Parent Coordinator, or Tara Cadell, our Secretary for additional information.

  • If I missed the lottery, can I still register my child at River East?

Registration is ongoing. As long as there is a seat available on your child's grade level, you may submit an application and register at any time. Contact us to find out if there are open seats.

  • What grade levels do you have?

3-Pre-K through fifth grade.

  • Do you have an afterschool program?

While we do not have a daily afterschool program in our building, there are nearby afterschool programs available and our Parent Coordinator, Vylmary Bennett walks our afterschool students to their location. There is also a musical instrument afterschool program offered through the Salvation Army a few days a week in the school building. Contact us for more information.

  • Are school buses or student metrocards available for my child?

Yes, school bus service is available through the Office of Pupil Transportation. If there is not a school bus stop near you, you may opt for a student metrocard. You may request school bus or student metrocards, but not both.

  • Do you have uniforms?

While we do not require uniforms, we do have our own River East shirts available for purchase. We encourage students to wear them especially on Fridays for our weekly whole-school Town Meetings and on all days that they go on field trips.

  • How big is your school?

We have approximately 210 students in grades 3PreK-5, and 30 full-time staff members. Most of our class sizes are small with about 20 students.